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LionHeart is an elite training and developmental program for all players looking to take receiving skills to the next level. Created as a tool for performance development and mentorship for southern Colorado’s best and brightest football players, Lionheart teaches pro style route running & technique to enhance the receiving skills of any athlete through private training, group work, or 7 on 7 competition. With 5-year Pro wide receiver Paul Browning at the helm, LionHeart provides players with the tools to master the science & the art of being a playmaking wide receiver.

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In-Person Training for a single athlete

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Indy-drill work, 1on1, 7on7, & situational group work


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Just a few of the many satisfied clients and friends

Loren Landow

Denver Broncos Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

“During my 25 years of coaching there are always those athletes that stick out in my mind. Those athletes have a blend of consistency, professionalism, coach ability and most importantly they trust the process, Paul Browning is the epitome of all those qualities.”

Nick Hoskins

Arvada West High Class of 2023

“Throughout my many months of training with LionHeart my catching, footwork and understanding for the position have drastically improved and without LionHeart I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Justin Pruitt

Discovery Canyon High Class of 2022

“I came into my first training not knowing much, LionHeart truly got me to where I needed to be & Coach Paul has truly been a father figure helping me change for the better!”

Thomas Toman

Palmer Ridge High Class of 2021

“LionHeart has not only developed me significantly as a player, but also has helped me become a college athlete, something I didn’t think was possible even a year ago.”

Lance Opp


- “Everything LionHeart teaches is geared towards a game situation, there’s a purpose with every drill and movement they do, with informative 1on1 sessions & competition work to put those skills into action.”

Louie Hiram

Valley City State Univ. Class of 2019

“LionHeart has helped me understand that it’s not enough to depend on your athletic talent and how crucial it is to focus on the little details of your craft so that you can separate yourself from the rest.”

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